What are self-pay costs?

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In addition to insurance coverage with several major payers, we are pleased to offer self-pay options for Swing Care services, at a set cost per appointment.. You can use FSA and HSA dollars toward Swing Care appointments, and we can provide you a superbill for your services if you’d like to submit it as an out-of-network claim to your insurance provider.

Self-pay costs for fibromyalgia care include:

Intake appointment / One-time consultation / Day 14 appointment $140
Other followup appointments $100
Health coaching appointment $60
Pain psychology appointment $125
Living Well with Fibromyalgia peer support group sessions $125 for 5 sessions
Group introduction (required for new group members who are not preexisting Swing Care patients) $25


What is an intake appointment?

An intake appointment is your first meeting with your fibromyalgia specialist at Swing Care. In your intake, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your symptoms in-depth with your board-certified Swing Care physician, review previous treatments that you’ve tried, and discuss new options to start building your personalized care plan. Before your intake, your forms and information will also be reviewed by your care team. We recommend blocking 45 minutes for this appointment. 


What are one-time consultations?

If you don’t have a fibromyalgia diagnosis, you may meet with a Swing Care physician to discuss your symptoms and review the diagnostic criteria together, as well as order any additional lab work. If you receive a diagnosis in this appointment, you may also start building your personalized care plan in this appointment. We recommend blocking 45 minutes for this appointment. 


What are followup appointments? 

We offer ongoing, regular care to our patients, in order to ensure that we’re making progress and adjusting your treatment plan as needed. We typically see patients for followup appointments every 2-4 weeks for their first 3 months of care. 


What are pain psychology appointments?

Fibromyalgia affects us in many ways, and living with pain every day can affect our behavior and wellbeing. We offer individual appointments with a licensed health and pain psychologist as part of comprehensive care. We recommend blocking 45 minutes for this appointment. 


What are health coaching appointments?

Health coaching appointments are visits with a licensed Swing Care nurse, to discuss progress toward your health goals and help create personalized plans to achieve them. A health coaching appointment may include self care strategies, goal review and goal-setting, and discussion of recent Stanza sessions. We recommend blocking 30 minutes for this appointment. 


What are group sessions?

The Living Well with Fibromyalgia Group meets weekly to offer strategies on how to navigate the social and emotional challenges of fibromyalgia, as well as to develop connection and support with people who truly understand. Sessions are facilitated by a health and pain psychologist, and focus on pain management and wellness strategies.


What is a group introduction?

Group introduction is a 15-minute individual session with a health and pain psychologist. It is an opportunity to connect before group sessions and ensure that the group is a good fit. Group introductions are only required for patients who are new to Swing Care before joining group sessions.

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